This has been a horrible week so far

It is like my luck went from good to bad overnight. Tuesday I went to put a pod in my Keurig and the point that punctures the bottom of pod for the water flow broke right off.

Wednesday Drama in the shop area and we have some sketchy individuals frequenting the shops around us they started to come into ours and we ask them to leave. Security can not do anything unless they do something but that is just it we don’t want them to do something so we just have to tell them to leave if they persist then security can do something.

Wednesday night came home to a post office notice saying I owed more money for customs charges and that I have to go to the post office to pick it up.

Today I called the dentist office to have them look at a tooth that was driving me crazy and it had to be removed…and I now need a partial plate so I can eat whoopee and a whole bunch of money.

We have now two cases of the covid19 virus in Ottawa that are confirmed. All Schools in Ontario will be closed for three weeks instead of one. Testing centers are being set up. Most if not all sports teams are cancelling the season, And so on…

It better turn around soon…oh did I mention tomorrow we have a weather warning Rain will begin late tonight west of Ottawa and move eastward. Across most areas the rain will end early Friday afternoon. Many areas may receive total rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 mm.

Have a great day…Have you ever has a week from hell like the week I have had?


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Today was a little rough today

Everything I wanted to do got half done. Tried to work on cards area to messy clean it up a little dog needed to go out. It was a beautiful day outside but I had too much to do inside. loaded a couple of more items on Etsy and on CA’s General Store but I really need to do cards but wait have not eaten yet. Made myself something to eat. Finally got back to the cards needed to clean up more. Made room for my Cricut so I could make something critical for my cards and low and behold had to download the new download for Cricut now it is lunchtime and walkies for the dog.

Sidetracked again Amazon delivery of my new Fitness tracker so I needed to set it up. Did that trouble getting it off the 24 hour clock but finally did.

My other tracker watch died a sad death in the pocket of my jeans…oops this one is waterproof…fail safe I hope.

I took the dog out one more time the software had finally down loaded and I managed to cut out enough of the items for my cards. Now it is suppertime where did the day go.

I managed to glue together a few of the pieces and make one card and the glue clogged up that finished me for the day. Made supper took the dog out for a longer walk only managed to earn about 1889 steps today…hopefully will do better tomorrow.

I am in the shop tomorrow not sure what excitement there will be school trips, tourist buses who knows hopefully some sales.

When you have unfulfilled days what do you do?


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Today the clocks sprang forward and it has been difficult

Time change for me has always been a challenge as with most individuals…All I seemed to do all day was doze off. So much to doooo…zzzz. At least in between snoozes I have managed to do groceries and laundry. I also decided that I needed a small crockpot the one I have is huge feeds probably a family of 7 comfortable. Being that I am 1 person with a limited freezer space I thought it was a little excessive. We really only use it at Christmas when the gang is all here for the ham.

So I Checked on Amazon and ordered this little red number that happens to go with my decor the Hamilton Beach 3 quart for only 29.97.

Tell me how you cope with the time change?

Oh and Happy International Women’s Day


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My Second Crafting Tool I can not live without

The second most used item I use in my studio is my Mini Misti stamping tool. The Misti has been copied and in all its incarnations I still love my Misti. Silicone/acrylic stamps and rubber cling can be used in the Misti, I can make as many multiples of the same card as I want the stamp won’t move. Perfect every time unless the user messes it up.

Let me know what stamp tool you use and why?

Happy crafting


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These days what is my typical day

Zoey the cat does not like to wait around in the morning and likes to have her food by 5:30 am. Bear the dog is quite happy with that schedule because he is need to go outside for his first relief of the day.

Next I feed the dog, make my coffee and play Gummy drop and Wordscapes just to get the brain working and engaged. Next I make a list of what needs to be done for the day (later in the day everything goes to hell in a hand basket). Then I either go upstairs to the computer or downstairs to the studio.

Unless it is Tuesday or Wednesday which are my days in the Artisan Shop Ottawa in the ByWard Market Square Building. I am part of a collective of about 8 artisans where we share the space, time and rent.

ByWard Market Square Building

But this week I decided to try to build CA’s General Store and look for affiliate or associate links to generate some supplemental income. I have been lucky that starting this week I have an affiliate link with Beadfx and now Amazon so there will be products with links in my blogs. I am putting it right up front. Amazon requires me to have 3 linked sales per month so I need to build my following and would love if people recommend my site.

The book I am reading right now has been recommended to me so far so good a little raw at the beginning but seems to settle. “Startling, unclassifiable. . . Full of mysteries — all originating in its characters’ troubled psyches — and full of terrors that can’t be explained.”—New York Times

Well that is it for today. Need to get on with my list before life derails me from it…

Question of the Day: How do you cope with sticking to your plans for the day and life getting in the way?

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I am crazy in love with beads

As most of you know I am a glass fusion Artist but I also make cards and do beaded bracelets… Well In Canada I have one main online store I shop at and that is BeadFX.Com. I look for the unusual beads and am a big seed bead consumer. Last year I was ordering for a specific activity and someone in the office thought they better check with me and helped me get the right colors so I would not be disappointed.

I have never had a bad experience with them and my clients can be assured that the colors that I choose for them will be quality. I only work with glass or czech beads and that is what I am known for.

I sell my wrap bracelets in the ByWard Market Square Building in the Artisan Shop Ottawa.

I make chokers and bracelets wire wrapped and long stung necklaces usually around 17″. in many colors.

I will be starting to sell on line in my shops soon I will keep you posted. If interested in anything please feel free to contact me at


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Snow, rain, snow and ridiculous temps

This last two weeks have been full of surprises weather wise two snow storms which gave us 30+ cms of snow and about the same in rain. Temps going down to -25 and up to +4. No wonder I have a cold which is I hope getting better. Only working in the shop one day this week in the ByWard Market.

It has been hard to be productive but have managed to sell more on my Etsy 21 sales since I opened my store Posted new acrylic stamps for sale and am gearing up for a used stamp sale in mid February.

Not much else going on catch ya later


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It is snowing today

It is snowing today and it is beautiful out but it is deceiving because it will be going down to -30 overnight. I went out to shovel this morning and twisted my back. Hurts when I move. Had to cancel my dentist appointment to get final fitting for my retainer sounds like I am 15 years old I am far from it. The problem for me is I clench my teeth and the tension in my jaw area causes me headaches. Combine the clenching and add quick changes in air pressure voila instant migraine…

Image may contain: tree, snow, plant, sky, outdoor and nature

Bear the Yorkie Maltese mix turned 11 in January. He is a happy boy no teeth but manages quite well regardless. I have had him for a year now and is my constant companion usually stays at my feet where ever I am. He definitely knows how to tell time because when 10 o’clock at night rolls around he starts getting fussy and wants to go to bed.

Image may contain: dog

Ugh have to do rearranging and inventory of all my supplies and products, need to list items on ETSY for now and have started a new Ecwid shop on my facebook page and instagram. So many ways of getting to my products including shopping in person in the Ottawa’s ByWard Market in the Artisan Shop, 55 ByWard Market Building.

We are getting ready for Winterlude here in the shop, new hats and leg warmers, buttons and cards…so hoping that the cold does a lot for freezing the Rideau Canal (longest skating rink in the world) I know skaters are disappointed that they have not been on the canal yet usually frozen mid December but not this year yet.

Winterlude Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario - The popular Winterlude event is skated on the world's longest skating rink - Rideau Canal Skateway, and also don't miss Ice Dragon Boat Festival. For the second time in North America, dragon boats will race down the frozen Rideau Canal in February, 2018.
#festival #Ontario #Canada #Ottawa #outdoor #IceSkate #RideauCanal #Winterlude #snow #canal #skaterink #frozen #ice #LikeALocal

Well lots to do better get at it, oh yeah new buttons available in the market shop.

Image may contain: indoor

Catch ya later and stay warm…


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This week made my 20th sale on Etsy

Milestone met Looking forward to a new year an see if I can double my sales…

I just made 20 sales. Very humbled and grateful for the support!

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This week in Ottawa…colder and mix of rain and sunshine…welcome to Ottawa’s freaky weather patterns…

Sunday it was pouring record amounts of rain for a late October. Monday I went out to survey the landscape around my house and it was sunny with periods of clouds. Today was sunny as cloudy…

Now they are calling for snow overnight and into the day time. Good thing I had plans to work on Cards, ornaments and buttons.

The Light Rail has been as temperamental as the weather. Which is a shame when it works I can be as quick at 15 minutes from my home to the Byward Market and the shop or up to an hour stuck on tracks or walking to the other side to catch a train and both ways are running on the same track until they pass the blockage, immobile train is usually the cause…

Expecting new Postcards to come in from VistaPrint today so really excited to see them tonight.

Worked on Ornaments on Monday

Maple leaf and beaver ornaments with Ottawa on the back

Had another2 stampsets order on Etsy and a Card for a customer so things are beginning too pick up. Made some earrings and posted them on Etsy as well.

Owl Earrings

Not much of an update but it was a busy few weeks I had allergy testing found out I am highly allergic to Ragweed,and tree pollen

First arm mostly trees, ragweeds etc
This arm was foods

Glad to have that over with…changed most of my meds to deal with all of the reactions.

Bear and Zoey are still not the best of friends but now tolerate each Zoey tries really hard to play with him as he walks by she plays touch the butt but he jumps or runs the other way. A couple of times he has charged her and she just comes back for more.

Zoey watching Bear stalking is not allowed in my house but Zoey sees Bear as just another toy…

Well time to go and get on with life in general. Hope you have a good week.

Catch ya later from me, Mr. Bear and Miss Zoey

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