Taken out by low grade migraine weather related.

Still kind of there but manageable today. I have suffered from mild migraines for a long time. Migraines for me are more annoying than painful, the upset tummy, sleepiness, lethargic, and being in a fog. Life is fun. Let me know what you do if you w-suffer from migraines in the comments below?

Don’t sweat the small stuff words of wisdom:

Jan. 4 exercise can help you solve bothersome issue allows you to think clearer.

Jan 5 Don’t try to get everything done in a day work life balance suffers.

Jan 6 don’t be under the illusion that ticking things off the to do list will solve everything…priorities, other deadlines will just add and push things off the list making it unending. Be proud of what you did accomplish today.

Jan 7 similar to yesterdays but it is about the in basket if it is full it means success because you are in demand.

Well at the moment my in box is very full and more stuff comes in to make me juggle the small stuff around. I have come to the conclusion that I will never have a completed website, or Etsy store. But I can take pride in every order that comes from them. Packaging and mailing orders makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

Well it is a short one today as I have to leave to do groceries.

Take care


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