Don’t sweat the small stuff

Last year was pretty much a write off for me I had to stop production to learn new ways of selling my art and items that I created. Went from several sales a day to one to three a month. Covid19 messed a lot of the sellers in the market area some lost their only means of making income, shops closed for extended periods of time and some closed permanently..

Remember when a few years back everywhere you looked there was something saying Don’t Sweat the Small stuff well I found the desk top calendar to motivate me to post almost everyday. Well the biggest problem is I forgot I had it so searched and found it and here we are…

January 1st to the 3rd can be summed up – We are not victims of the status quo. we can change. And we can work towards something a wish a dream when we plan, write it down in small goals that lead to the bigger dream or wish.

For example last month I only made 2 Etsy Shop stamp sales online I did sell 8 stamps offline which totals 10 sales. So this month I am aiming for 10 sales again. I have 1 already from yesterday… I have 62 sales on Etsy from last year and I would like to celebrate 72 by the end of the month. Small bites lead to bigger achievements. Interested

I think the hardest for me was no interaction face to face with people. Now the only interaction I have is on line or when my neighbor takes me grocery shopping or going to the dentist.

I guess it is important to access, adjust to our new reality when we need to. I have found out I like myself and what I do. I enjoy learning and putting knowledge into practice. Those are my take aways for the past year.

Well I better move on and get to creating new listings and I will be working on a challenge for January to create scapes can be any kind of scapes such as landscapes, escape, fantasy scapes etc. In any mediums you want. I will post as they are created and might make them into mugs, we will see.

My mind is a scary place…


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