Goodbye 2020 hello 2021

Goodbye 2020 don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out…welcome 2021

Happy New Year

What kind of year was 2020 for you? If you had a bad year, good year, losses or gains or learned something about yourself or something new etc. Comment below and let me know…

For me because of the Corona virus we had to close our artist collective in the ByWard Market this meant having loads of inventory at home. I established a Shopify shop to sell my items. I also have an Etsy shop. Learning to link and create listings, the ins and outs of building a website has been a huge challenge for me but I am getting through. Also created a Combination Facebook page for both my shops IDBCA – Handmade by CA Grenier. this page is for a mixture of what I am working on and art that I find interesting by others. come and join me there comment and like because it helps me. Oh and feel free to buy anything that I make or design…lol

Looking forward to creating this year some keychains, ornaments will have holiday cards all year round as well as all occasion cards… Fused glass items pendants, bowls dishes will expand as I get more comfortable with listings.

Watch for discounts. if you want to be on an email mailing list let me know at

Life is too short to worry about what is next just do it do it do it…motto for 2021

On a more Personal note:

Family is in Virginia, USA have not seen them since August 2018 but I also made a point to visit through Facetime for Christmas to watch them open presents and have an individual chat with each of them. It was very good. My 4 grandkids are growing up so fast. oldest is in her first year of College, a job and has her drivers license. Second oldest is into Niles Horan, has Braces and is into her friends. Third is a a baker, loves to challenge herself, knits, draws and so on kind of like her Grandma. Last is the boy and he is into video games and transformers. So many milestones missed over the last two years but they have been Celebrated over the phone or online chats.

I learned to spend time with myself and liking it, enjoying the animals Zoey the Cat and Bear the dog. And Naps…

Well better go off to get my plans ready for the rest of the month…I am taking it one month at a time and not going further until we are out of our third lockdown in Ontario. Started on December 26th, 2020. So we will see.

CA Grenier

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