Cancer sucks so stay back

Everybody has that friend or family member that has or had cancer.

My mother had cervical cancer and eventually passed from lung cancer. My mom was a miners wife and would get my dads clothes at the end of his shift and into the washer they would go. At that time people knew about health and safety for employees but never thought about the house wife who handled the dirty clothing. Well she beat the cervical cancer only to have asbestos in her lungs with no idea where she got it. I have a pretty good idea now.

Two of my sisters have been living with cancer one beat it the other struggles daily with the side effect of the drugs. Her immune system is shot which means she is more susceptible to other germs and viruses.

Another friend has brain cancer, has had the tumour removed. Before COVID she would be out in public wearing a mask because she was vulnerable to everything. She had a rude person ask why she was wearing a mask, then another and another. Now mostly everyone wears a mask which it makes it easier to go do daily outside errands when she is feeling up to it.

Neighbours sister was diagnosed with bone cancer 3 months ago after winning her battle with breast cancer. She now sits in the hospital in the battle of her life…and so on…

So in honour of all yours and my friends and family I created this mask to help explain what is happening to them you can also wear one as well in support…

Cancer sucks so stay back Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Cancer Sucks so stay back Face mask

Please take the time to check it out. I design this mask from my heart and Printful my partner fulfills the orders. It is a win win for me. Please think about a gift for someone or for yourself. If you have a story that you would like to share about yourself, a friend or family member please feel free to post in the comments.

Stay safe


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