Wow what a month

This past month things have started to get busier, Getting ready for the Holidays coming, in terms of planning and preparing items for sale. I have also dipped my toe into designing on Printful a print on demand group that at the moment are in the US but are planning to open a warehouse here in Canada. That makes me happy.

Here is what I have designed so far

I am waiting on a pen display tablet to continue my adventure in designing more clothing items. I want to try my hand at making stickers and some home decor items. Stay tuned on that development.

Short update but still working on basement studio. Now that it is getting cooler I will hopefully turn on the kiln and begin creating glass pieces again. So much to do so little time. The pandemic caused me to get into a massive funk, I turned 65, I really don’t feel it. The weather was hot and muggy, my dog got sick and my bank account depleted. Being on a fixed income can stifle or focus your artistic flow. As of today I will not be buying anything art wise until I sell something so check out the shop and order.

Take care got to get back at it.

Happy crafting


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