So this happened this week

My week started with a trip to IKEA preordered and did the pick up thing. Everything went smoothly it took less time in the pick up than to drive there. Awesome. Picked up a Kallex Bookcase, two door inserts, and an Alex drawer unit. All in black or brown black. In my studio, I have a desk attached to the shelving and want to separate it so the Alex drawer unit will act as the legs on the other side of the desk. Most of my other furniture in my studio is white cabinets so I think it will look good. The Kallex will go upstairs for my office and act as storage and an order mailing center along with another one I have already.

Monday a migraine. Rain and a tornado warning, now seems to be a common occurrence in the Ottawa area since 2018.

Tuesday started to rearrange the office to accommodate the Kallex unit but got sidetracked and rearranged my kitchen cabinet instead…Welcome to my world.

pantry organized

Wednesday, I was working on an order for a card and was cutting out large circles with my Big Shot die cutting machine, it got stuck mid crank and I forced it through but the handle broke the pin right off rendering it useless…so had to go onto amazon and buy a brand new one. When I bought my original one it was under $90.00 today it costs $157. It lasted over 12 years and I use it many times a day so it has served me well. I was lucky i did have a Circle cut out previously and was able to make the card order.

Big Shot

Thursday the new Big Shot was delivered happy crafter again. Also low grade migraine and all morning thought it was Friday. Neighbor was off so we did a few did groceries but stopped off at a big box store. I ended up buying some curtains for my patio door and living room window. I have black out curtains and it is so dark that I wanted to brighten it up a little. However I thought I bought two sets but it was one panel each…oops the other window downstairs will have to wait but it still looks great.

new curtains need to hang for awhile to get rid of wrinkles

Today is Friday and I have a full blown Migraine again Mother Nature is playing havoc with the weather rain /sunny /rain sunny on Wednesday it was raining and sunny. I have three orders to send out and two returns to Amazon. Will have to wait til tomorrow I guess.

Well hopefully you have a good day, week and month. Wow. I can not believe it is the 21st of August and we are talking about putting kids back in the classroom. I am sorry if shop owners can limit the amount of adults in the store and put directional tape on floors so shopping is done in an orderly fashion why can’t teachers? My question is how do you expect a teacher to house up to thirty kids in a classrooms and police social distancing, mask wearing and touching. When do they disinfect before class, after class, after recess, when a kid goes to the bathroom oh and who disinfects the bathrooms and how many times a day… who is wagering on third wave of covid 19 anyone … anyone?

By the way Bear the dog is doing much better the enlarged liver seems to be slowly subsiding but will know more in a couple of weeks. He needs a grooming but have not wanted to upset him too much while he is doing so well.

Well better get on with it try to go back to sleep and ease the pain, tummy upset and need to take some Gravol to settle it and make me sleepy enough to fall asleep.


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