I am a planner person

I like to plan but have a hard time keeping up or other things get in the way. I found a digital planner I love. It is called the Boss Planner. Comes in white or black backgrounds. You can customize it. Hand write or type, add photos, use highlighters, stickers, geometric boxes, circles etc. So many options to create your own unique structured plan.

I use my Boss digital Planner as a general ledger of what I have to do. Then at night I put in what I accomplished and goals for the next day and I can move things around if I did not get an item completed. I keep all my appointments , zoom meetings and shop mailings and deliveries in the planner. It has a budget tracker, reading, plan for success etc. I also included in my purchase the fitness planner which includes goals, habit tracker, water intake, meal planning and grocery list etc.

Where to get it https://bosspersonalplanner.com/

Well part of my plan today is to set up my new echo dot with clock. My alarm clock is so old that it does not play music it plays static all the time. Most importantly, it takes forever to reset the clock on it when time changes or power goes out even for a second. Time for a change…

I love my Echo dots I have 4 now (3 regular black echo dots and the new echo with clock)

Echo Dot (3rd gen) – Smart…CDN$ 54.99 Shop now

I will move the regular echo dot into my office where I can now listen to audio books or music on demand. I have an old clunker of a stereo system but it just takes up so much space. As I am trying to streamline my online work I do need to hang out in my office more.

I also need to package a couple of orders received on Etsy this week. Canada Post service is so slow these days buyers are complaining that their orders are coming so late. Problem is I send out my orders and it is totally out of my hands. Reviews are getting trashed on Etsy sites that is discouraging to some Etsy Sellers. Please check out my shop online. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HandmadebyCAGrenier

Ok now to get on with my day coffee done, plan done now it is action time. Have a great day/week/weekend. Catch ya later


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