Not as Bored these days

Ok so Ontario is opening up little by little. As of Friday last week hairdressers and other service people have been able to open. However those that have ventured out are noticing that people are not behaving. They are not wearing masks, adhering to social distancing or the ten people rules. They say the highest contractors of the Covid19 virus are young people teens to 25 you know that period where we feel invincible…

Neighbor works for a long term care home and they have had a couple of staff test positive but they did not work with residents. They did have to implement lockdown but are now out of it.

Enough on that I turn 65 this year and have to get myself in that mode of thinking I still feel 50ish in my mind although my body reminds me regularly I am not. I have been retired and creating art, cards and other items. I have supplemented my income through selling in the Artisans Shop in the ByWard Market for the past 4 years however it is closed and will not reopen so my online shops is the only place to find me now. Small business and local business are suffering…so please support us.

My Doctor is offering on phone appointments but I am good as long as my meds are up to date or refillable. My sister in all of this had to have a stent put into her artery going to the heart to encourage better blood flow. She went in for some tests doctor told her she needed the stent right away that it could not wait and took her in immediately. It will be another week before we see if it really helped.

I have become obsessed with Evermerge not a very difficult game but never the less obsessed. Any other Evermergers out there?

I have not even been able to work in the backyard the pollen from the popular trees in neighbors yard piles up and flies everywhere. The effects are not immediate but once inside I start to sneeze, watery eyes and runny nose lasts about half an hour. I am on a daily allergy pill or it would be much worse.

What is that white fluff, anyway? – Toronto Gardens
Picture from Toronto gardens

I lost my honeysuckle disappointed for sure so I planted morning glories to cover my balcony trellises that I created to give me some privacy from immediate neighbors.

Well I better get on with my day Check out the online shops.

Keep on Keeping on…


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