A little bored today

I was a little bored today so I put on my owl socks and a new series called Broke. I had to do groceries in my mask and gloves. Ordered a prescription to be delivered. Got an order that I need to process (highlight of the day) and still have a crap load of stuff to load into the general store. Hand knitted slippers and under the crocheted category shopping bags, washcloths, hats in three styles messy bun/pony tail hats, beanies and pompom hats ….let me know if you are interested and I can prioritize.

I need to plan my time wisely and it is not working well. Dog and Cat have me up at 5 AM to go out and then feed usually I am up creating listings, or making cards, jewelry etc. now I fall asleep on the couch wake up at 10:30 and feel groggy all day. Need to stop that for sure…

The most exercise I get is going up and down the stairs and taking the dog out to the backyard. He is an older dog so no interest in taking long walks unless I carry him halfway…lol good for me not so great for him.

I did find a live stream by one of my favorites JournalArtista but has to go before it was over. Good to see her back online it has been some time. Live streams I can work and listen and spend time with friends in the art comunity all the same time so that was a bonus too.

Well that is about it chat soon. Sharing is caring… Let me know what your weeks are like. Ontario is talking about opening things up soon but schools are now closed for the year. There will be major restrictions still but at least it will feel less confined. It will also be interesting to see what the new normal will be as the Province and Canada gets back to work.


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