We are in the 7th week of Home isolation

I was able to go grocery shopping with a neighbor up until last week now he has been exposed to Covid19 in his job because someone was not taking precautions. Now he has to be in isolation for 2 weeks. Come on people if you think you have a fever, cough etc. wear a mask, wash your hands and take all the precautions you can, just saying…

I am 64 years old and have a compromised immune system so I can not really go out and shop because I need to take a bus.

Other than that I am doing well received 3 orders in the last 2 days to prep and mail. That makes me very happy.

New listings in CA’s General Store and many more to come.

Have discovered my old CD library as well so listening to Macy Gray, Sade and some other oldies..

Just a quick check in. How are my peeps doing let me know…


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