This has been a horrible week so far

It is like my luck went from good to bad overnight. Tuesday I went to put a pod in my Keurig and the point that punctures the bottom of pod for the water flow broke right off.

Wednesday Drama in the shop area and we have some sketchy individuals frequenting the shops around us they started to come into ours and we ask them to leave. Security can not do anything unless they do something but that is just it we don’t want them to do something so we just have to tell them to leave if they persist then security can do something.

Wednesday night came home to a post office notice saying I owed more money for customs charges and that I have to go to the post office to pick it up.

Today I called the dentist office to have them look at a tooth that was driving me crazy and it had to be removed…and I now need a partial plate so I can eat whoopee and a whole bunch of money.

We have now two cases of the covid19 virus in Ottawa that are confirmed. All Schools in Ontario will be closed for three weeks instead of one. Testing centers are being set up. Most if not all sports teams are cancelling the season, And so on…

It better turn around soon…oh did I mention tomorrow we have a weather warning Rain will begin late tonight west of Ottawa and move eastward. Across most areas the rain will end early Friday afternoon. Many areas may receive total rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 mm.

Have a great day…Have you ever has a week from hell like the week I have had?


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