Today was a little rough today

Everything I wanted to do got half done. Tried to work on cards area to messy clean it up a little dog needed to go out. It was a beautiful day outside but I had too much to do inside. loaded a couple of more items on Etsy and on CA’s General Store but I really need to do cards but wait have not eaten yet. Made myself something to eat. Finally got back to the cards needed to clean up more. Made room for my Cricut so I could make something critical for my cards and low and behold had to download the new download for Cricut now it is lunchtime and walkies for the dog.

Sidetracked again Amazon delivery of my new Fitness tracker so I needed to set it up. Did that trouble getting it off the 24 hour clock but finally did.

My other tracker watch died a sad death in the pocket of my jeans…oops this one is waterproof…fail safe I hope.

I took the dog out one more time the software had finally down loaded and I managed to cut out enough of the items for my cards. Now it is suppertime where did the day go.

I managed to glue together a few of the pieces and make one card and the glue clogged up that finished me for the day. Made supper took the dog out for a longer walk only managed to earn about 1889 steps today…hopefully will do better tomorrow.

I am in the shop tomorrow not sure what excitement there will be school trips, tourist buses who knows hopefully some sales.

When you have unfulfilled days what do you do?


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