These days what is my typical day

Zoey the cat does not like to wait around in the morning and likes to have her food by 5:30 am. Bear the dog is quite happy with that schedule because he is need to go outside for his first relief of the day.

Next I feed the dog, make my coffee and play Gummy drop and Wordscapes just to get the brain working and engaged. Next I make a list of what needs to be done for the day (later in the day everything goes to hell in a hand basket). Then I either go upstairs to the computer or downstairs to the studio.

Unless it is Tuesday or Wednesday which are my days in the Artisan Shop Ottawa in the ByWard Market Square Building. I am part of a collective of about 8 artisans where we share the space, time and rent.

ByWard Market Square Building

But this week I decided to try to build CA’s General Store and look for affiliate or associate links to generate some supplemental income. I have been lucky that starting this week I have an affiliate link with Beadfx and now Amazon so there will be products with links in my blogs. I am putting it right up front. Amazon requires me to have 3 linked sales per month so I need to build my following and would love if people recommend my site.

The book I am reading right now has been recommended to me so far so good a little raw at the beginning but seems to settle. “Startling, unclassifiable. . . Full of mysteries — all originating in its characters’ troubled psyches — and full of terrors that can’t be explained.”—New York Times

Well that is it for today. Need to get on with my list before life derails me from it…

Question of the Day: How do you cope with sticking to your plans for the day and life getting in the way?

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