This week in Ottawa…colder and mix of rain and sunshine…welcome to Ottawa’s freaky weather patterns…

Sunday it was pouring record amounts of rain for a late October. Monday I went out to survey the landscape around my house and it was sunny with periods of clouds. Today was sunny as cloudy…

Now they are calling for snow overnight and into the day time. Good thing I had plans to work on Cards, ornaments and buttons.

The Light Rail has been as temperamental as the weather. Which is a shame when it works I can be as quick at 15 minutes from my home to the Byward Market and the shop or up to an hour stuck on tracks or walking to the other side to catch a train and both ways are running on the same track until they pass the blockage, immobile train is usually the cause…

Expecting new Postcards to come in from VistaPrint today so really excited to see them tonight.

Worked on Ornaments on Monday

Maple leaf and beaver ornaments with Ottawa on the back

Had another2 stampsets order on Etsy and a Card for a customer so things are beginning too pick up. Made some earrings and posted them on Etsy as well.

Owl Earrings

Not much of an update but it was a busy few weeks I had allergy testing found out I am highly allergic to Ragweed,and tree pollen

First arm mostly trees, ragweeds etc
This arm was foods

Glad to have that over with…changed most of my meds to deal with all of the reactions.

Bear and Zoey are still not the best of friends but now tolerate each Zoey tries really hard to play with him as he walks by she plays touch the butt but he jumps or runs the other way. A couple of times he has charged her and she just comes back for more.

Zoey watching Bear stalking is not allowed in my house but Zoey sees Bear as just another toy…

Well time to go and get on with life in general. Hope you have a good week.

Catch ya later from me, Mr. Bear and Miss Zoey

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