As this week begins it is raining and chilly

Today it is going to raining throughout the day. Bear is not happy he hates the rain but what can we do…I will have to look for a rain coat that will fit him. I ordered him one that is sort of all season in blue

New coat ordered waiting for it to arrive

I ordered a couple of sweaters for the sweater weather we are experiencing right now. He does look great in a sweater.

Bear in his owl sweater

I am working on a big order for New Orleans shop for necklaces almost through 6 sets of 6. I only have 2 more sets to finish up. My house is a mess while I work on these.

3/4 through order
Last two to finish off

In the middle of changing the spring /summer clothes to fall/winter it has been quite cold at night. We have had frost warnings for a couple of nights now.

Also finished listening to Little Girl Lost : Dreamcatcher series now re listening to the Handmaidens Tale by Margaret Atwood in preparation to listen to her second book The Testaments

The Handmaid's Tale cover art
The Testaments cover art

I will be at the shop this week on Monday and Wednesday lucky on my day off Tuesday I have a dentist cleaning appoint whoo hoo.

I have started to post the Color By Amber jewellery on @cargren so if interested check it out.

Well that is all for now. I am doing laundry, working on the order and hopefully will be able to get a card or two up.

Bye for now

Bear and CA

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