Fall is here

It is Monday morning the first day of fall. It is raining, the smell in the air is a little skunky but not sure if it is the animal or a neighbour smoking up. Here in Canada it is legal to partake in a little weed. Weed is not my favourite smell in the world but it is tolerable.

Fall is my favourite season I can break out my Rae Dunn mugs now to have my favourite coffee or tea in. I also have a new journal to break in…The fall colours, trees changing, the air is crisp and fresh except when they throw down the manure on the Experimental Farms…or the paper mill exhaust make it to Ottawa from across the river.

Rae Dunn mugs

Also while out this weekend I found a couple of more pieces of Rae Dunn pottery. I am not sure why I love this line so much but I think it is the simplicity or the organic shapes…

New Rae Dunn Pottery

I work tomorrow and Wednesday in the Artisan Shop Ottawa, in the Byward Market…Hopefully it will be a great couple of days for sales. Last week sales on my days were very good. Not enough to pay any major bills lol but a couple of smaller ones or get more supplies.

I did work on some choker and bracelet SeedBeads sets.

New choker and bracelet sets

In other news my oldest grandchild turned 17 I can’t believe it. Time is an odd complicated system I do not feel old but I know I am on paper. Oh and the blood pressure pills I need to take…

Bear is here to say hi. He has had a little trouble funny tummy the last few weeks so I found some sensitive stomach and skin food for him it seems to help he is more perky and less scratching. His fur is growing in and is looking more like a Yorkie than a chihuahua.

Bear says Hi

Well that is about it for today…Still working on Book Marks, Cards and bracelets…

From CA and Mr. Bear

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