Some news today

I have started trying to rearrange my work area and have had some success but it is a real work in progress for now.

some progress

I also sold a number of bracelets to a woman from New Orleans who will be selling them in her shop. She sent me some photos of the layouts of some of them and I am sooo impressed. All can be found at
Voodoo Spiritual Temple
1428 N. Rampart St    New Orleans, LA   70116

or online at

Now creating some necklaces to show.

I did create a few fall cards here in Ottawa the weather temps drop at night and go to a reasonable temp during the day…mornings Bear has to wear his sweater. With short haircut he has little protection it will grow back…I keep reassuring him…

So that was this week in our household. So From Mr. Bear and I.

Catch you all later…Have a great week.

CA and Mr. Bear

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