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At the beginning of the year I was pretty conscious of my needs and wrote them down.  I am happy to say that I have moved forward with the help of my support groups and others who have come into my life over the past few months.  I joined an organization last fall called WOW for short.

WOW – World of Women’s Mission:

To provide a useful and comfortable social network and referral base to all WOW members. To share information and ideas to strengthen and/or develop members’ business activities. To provide an environment which cultivates and encourages friendships and enriches the personal and professional lives of our members. We will create this environment through support, mentorship and companionship opportunities. To contribute to the communities we live in through charitable donations and fundraising initiatives. To support and encourage women in all aspects of their careers.

I took a couple of workshops with WOW lead by Carol-Chantal Sequin founder of WOW and eventually decided that I was concentrating on the wrong things in my life…I needed to get back to my art and my creative side…I know that my glass is beautiful and has the ability to bring happiness and joy to others whether they are wearing a piece of my jewelry or having a beautiful bowl, goddess or spoon rest in their home.  But how do I transfer that knowledge into my vision for my business that was the question.  Start by believing in yourself as an artist not a hobbyist goes a long way to developing self confidence.  I went back through my repertoire and discovered how much art I have created and how much is now in other homes.  With doing that exercise I realized yes people value my work enough to buy when it is out there to view.  So I embarked on a plan:

  • Change my Linkedin profile to reflect my artist life and my activism,
  • To put as many pieces into my Etsy shop,
  • To create opportunities to talk about my artwork,
  • Explore groups on Etsy and Facebook that promote artwork and support artists,
  • Reconnect with some past groups that I have neglected,
  • Create an Instagram account @cagrenier and get followers,

and there are others but these are the main.

As I was populating and exploring Etsy opportunities I entered in to a conversation with a young woman who really liked my glass and thought that her mother would like it too.  So I made arrangements to take some of my glass to her moms retail shop in the ByWard Market Building. Lynne was so excited that I was interested in having my glass in the shop and was ooooing and awing my glass as she is placing the pieces while we were discussing terms and conditions of this venture and when she had placed all of the glass I brought, placed price tags on everything and said “OK so you want to come in with us”.  Of course, I said yes…That was in the middle of May.  Turns out that the shop is not Lynne’s however she coordinates for the group. It is actually a collective of artists a silk painter Lynne Kiel or @silkylynne , Acrylic artist Mary Loo’s Originals or @amillionsuns, a Knitter Carol Schagerl, glass blowers and we have some younger up and coming artists.  Each of us work in the shop and sell everyone’s artwork.  It is a wonderful group and so happy I joined. So many of my pieces have sold that I am fusing glass again and enjoying the fascination of glass all over again…

I have a commitment to work in the store two days a week Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the rest of the time is left to create…I have bowls, stars, plates, earrings, cards etc. So if you are in town come down to the ByWard Market Building, 55 ByWard Market Square and look for the store with all the color  Thank you to Caitlin.

Here are some photos of the shop:


Thank you to all the people who have encouraged me and bought my work over the years. I truly  feel supported in my journey…



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