New horizons

On the eve of another snow storm, I began to think of where I am and where I am going a bit of a long post but here goes…

Trying to build a business that was really a hobby was going ok but not profitable at all.  As an artist it is about the piece not the accumulation of inventory.  It is about the quality not the quantity.  Some artists say you have to struggle,  be starving well I know several artists who are making a very good living at being an artist. I was never wanting to be a bohemian not my style and any one who knows me will attest to that fact…

I have sold my pieces in Canada but many of them are living around the world, South Africa, Australia, Europe and the US.  Bowls that were wedding presents, pendants bought as gifts for loved ones to go to sisters in the Ukraine to celebrate International Women Day as Christmas, birthday, coming out gifts everyone has a story and most of them remembered fondly.  Nothing gives me more joy than to see a family fawn over my work  and say “it is so hard to choose they are all so beautiful and unique”.  I tell them to separate the ones that are drawn to the most and set them aside usually it is 5 or 6 then they go through the elimination process till they have the one.  That is where my happiness is that it is the one.  Sometime they come back again and ask to switch and I will accommodate their wishes. I want them to be happy and remember that ladies work and her patience not necessarily her name…

That being said as much as I love the personal touch, standing behind a table for 8 hours where there are 70 to 80 other vendors and you have paid for the right to rent the table is so very hard when you just cover the costs of the table because people are overwhelmed or they have already bought something, or they want a bargain or the proverbial I think I can make that…I am tired of being their entertainment on a Saturday or Sunday… I am moving on.

Im going to suceed

I have some of my work in a store front called re:Purpose at 150 Gloucester street, Ottawa both cards and pendants are sold there in turn they get a portion of the sales and the program helps youth at risk.  So a very worth cause.  Please support…they also have a website that features many artisans in the community at


This week I am working on 100 gift card holders to put my business card into loot bags for a fundraiser for Harmony House here in Ottawa.


If that is not enough I just took two one day workshops first on creating a vision board and the second was how to write a one page proposal workshop put on by Wow  ‘s founder CAROL-CHANTAL SÉGUIN both  amazing workshops that helped me to understand I am doing everything and not focusing on the art.  So what my priority is getting my name as a glass artist out there and my story and the rest will follow… Stay tuned…vision board 2016


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