New year a Coming

It has been awhile, my familiar cry every end of the year.  I am not a blogger and the world of blogging has me stumped but I am going to say again I am going to make an effort to blog much more often.  I am scheduling it into my day planner and will try to make the committed dates.  We will try for once a month, if it is more bonus.

Ok so out of nowhere my voice came back and no ill effects after all the ct scans, test etc. nothing remarkable was usually the result.  This is great but still no understanding of why it happened and how to avoid it in the future.

Family is great oldest granddaughter is now thirteen and youngest grandchild is going on 6.  the two in the middle are 9 and 7 unbelievable.  I turned 60 still can not believe that either.  Still retired but have now taken on the businesses.

IDBCA Canada is my own company name – It has evolved into my umbrella for all things art that I make, glass fusion is still my passion and cardmaking but I have expanded into wire working, handmade bookmarks, journal cards etc… I also am exploring teaching glass fusion  at a new studio that is opening up in Ottawa if you are in the area let me know if you are interested and I will organize a class as soon as the plans are finalized.

Following on my Cardmaking interest I am now an independent consultant for Close to my Heart a scrapbooking and stamping company.  Sales have been alright but hope to do better in the new year.  To keep up with that endeavor I have a blog at I want to challenge myself to do more creative cards and postings to familiarize everyone about the products. Oh and teach both cardmaking and scrapbooking in the new year so if in the Ottawa area let me know.

And last but not least GelMoment this is a brand new company and I was introduced to it from a group I was participating in I bought one gel nail polish and a led light and the rest is history to check it out at .

the other important milestone this past year was my Buddy passed away he was 17.  I could not commit to another permanent pet so instead I am a foster mom for pets who need temporary care.  I love it it is like being a grandma because you can spoil them and then send them home eventually.  The longest I have had a pet was two and a half month but there were extenuating circumstances.

january 2014 006

Buddy’s Spring Haircut

I will be posting some photos of new work later in the month.

Happy New Year all…May 2016 be your best year yet.



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