Continuing saga of the lost voice

Today I went to have a CT scan of my Throat area.  However they have a new protocol now “those that are allergic to Seafood” before they can use the Contrast Media injection (fancy words for iodine based dye) have to go though a regime of Predistone and Benadryl over the previous 13 hours prior to the appointment.  So 13 hours before take a predistone pill and again 7 hours and again 1 hour with the benadryl.  I maybe allergic but the effects will be much less and manageable. They can’t write a  prescription it has to be the referring doctor and you have to get them to write out the prescription and have it faxed to a pharmacy so you can pick it up and of course pay for it.  Just checked and this has been done and received by the pharmacy.

Too bad that could not have been mentioned before I had my neighbor get up and drive me for 8 AM.  I knew it was too good to be true The hospital called me on Monday for an appointment today.  The Queensway was clear no traffic got there a 1/2 hour early.  So my neighbor instead of waiting went to pick up a few groceries. When I called him he was just finishing up so it was like the universe was working for us on this one…

Whoopee I get to do this again on the 30th at 1 PM.

I made a suggestion that the booking person ask if there is a seafood allergy when making the appointment if so – the radiologist calls back and get more info and starts the process before getting to the hospital…If I was from out of town I would have been really P.O.ed.

I did go for a ride with  my friend Marim on Monday to go for Tea in Dunrobin…the Heart and Soul Cafe but it closed at 2 pm a half hour before we got So I managed to mail out my Deconstructed Journal Pages to the 4 in our group and we ended having tea at a fellow glass artists place on the Ottawa river…it was a perfect afternoon. We drove back to Ottawa and rushed home to our respective places not realizing we both were starving and if either of us had opened our mouths we could have stopped somewhere to eat… the Misadventures of CA…

tack fused fish

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