So here is the scoop

I have not been doing much fused glass for about a year odd pendant here and there.  Been doing more panting, card making and Art Journalling, exploring mixed media techniques.  I have a ton of supplies to do the work but just no energy.

I got a sinus infection about 2 and a half months ago, treated it with antibiotics seemed to go away.  Then I lost most of my voice…some would say that is a good thing but when you teach, direct sales through artisan shows  or demo products it is not so good.  The doctor and I decided that it was probably a virus and laryngitis.  Well that is not it.  So I went to a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist and he has diagnosed severe acid reflux or GERDS.  So I am on a pill once a day for the next three months, have to drink water, eat 6 times a day small amounts, low fat, no constrictive clothing, exercise, Raise the head of my bed or sleep sitting up etc.  Pretty much good advice for most people…Just to be sure it is nothing more serious they have ordered a MRI/catscan of my upper chest could be up to two months for that to happen but I am persistent and available for cancellations as long as it is not 5 minutes before the appointment.

So I have been keeping a bit of a lower profile…my son says I sound like a little kid when I talk…great…Lifestyle change here we go…may never get my adult voice back but I am staying positive…Grand kids think it is great I have to keep one close so they can yell at the others to come and eat or other such nonsense.

some things I have worked on …all listed on etsy

Varigated orange Wire wrapped crossHappy Retirement Serenity prayer

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