January 7th

Hibernating it is -29 with the wind chill.  Just crazy weather.  I am attempting to do a clean up of my art room not being very successful.  I tend to get lost in what can I do with this and then pile it up with other stuff to make something so now I have organized piles and no space to put the projects as a whole until I work on them.

Need to get ready to make cards and pendants for two shows coming up but can’t get motivated because the art room is a mess caught up in a catch 22 sort of vortex.

Missing my China bear the cat today no particular reason just do.  He passed away before Christmas.  Buddy is doing great he is 14 and blind now and hard of hearing.  He is also on more meds that me but still such a happy boy.  He still is pretty active when he feels good but loves to sleep at my feet or within my sight line.

China and Buddy

Keep warm and safe.


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