January 2014

Wow it is incredible how fast last year came and went. Today was able to get out of the house because the -38 deep freeze gave us a reprieve for a couple of days. However Sunday we will have milder temps and then it is going to rain, lovely.

I have decided that I am going to try to do a post daily of something I completed that day. I am challenging myself til the end of January.

I have a little catch up to do from January 1st.

So January 1st, took down all the Holiday decorations including the tree, put it all back in bins/boxes and into the garage or basement.

January 2nd applied for and got accepted for 2 shows back to back. April 27 and 27th. Info posted later.

January 3rd took delivery of a table, one dolly for transporting my wares from house to car or van or truck who ever picks me up and takes me to sales/shows and two banker box literature sorter for my cardstock. Before and after

Before afterbb

January 4th I managed to get out of the house pick up a few groceries, organic veggies basket came today so cleaned them so they are ready to go.  Need to take control of my health again I have gained too much weight since October.  Back to juicing and semi raw food consumption.  Blood pressure is steady but a little high so will be monitoring that and keeping a diary for my physical in two months.

Important to be aware of your body and what it is telling you and be proactive not reactive about your health.



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