Just a quick note

Grandson napping and other three kids at school.  Family members surgery went well no big surprises and she is recuperating in the hospital for the next couple of days.  Hopefully she will not try to rush it.

Kids were excited to go to school today they had valentines for all the students in their classes.  Each teacher seemed to have different rules.  No gifts of any kind but send a treat for your child but no peanut or nuts of any kind in middle kids class.  Anything goes in the older ones and in the youngest no restrictions except peanut and they were having a party I think.

So far the kids have been great but the novelty of grandma staying may wear off soon…lol One more day of school then they are off for 3 days yeah.  Sleeping in, mommy comes home, no baths if they don’t want to….Oh happy oh joy….

So this is quick Happy Valentines Day if you partake if not happy Thursday…



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