New project in the works

A little while ago I discovered rug hooking.  I have latched rugs before but found it difficult to find materials and was never satisfied because it just seemed so controlled.  Last summer I met a woman artist who’s medium was wool and hooking into linen was her canvas.  She painted the most beautiful wall hangings.  She used a method called the Oxford method.

So I started to research and what I found was there seemed to be two methods out there for rug hooking the Oxford and East Coast.  Oxford is hooking from the top and East Coast is pulling the wool through the bottom.  I bought the two types of hooks for hooking wool –  any kind of wool – nubby or smooth, silk or unspun or strips of wool fabric into a backing.  I honestly got frustrated with the Oxford hook and will go back to it later on.

Then I found the East Coast method and fell under its spell. Right now I am working with a medium hook, a primitive burlap backing, a 14″ hoop and a pattern that I made up.   It is rhythmic and calming in a world full of craziness…

Of course I don’t do much small or bite off more than I can chew.  Much of my artistic learning has been on a wing and a prayer so I am expecting the results will be primitive because I am learning as I go.

Some YouTube videos and Deanne Fitzpatrick has been great to guide me in the right direction for supplies

online shop

YouTube Videos

I will post progress as the piece comes along

rug hooking 002

Catch you tomorrow




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