Its a snow day

We have already had  approximately 2 to 4 cm and we are expecting more tonight.  Really I shoveled that by 10 am problem is it is also blowing and we are in a valley.

Not as bad as Toronto Jenny McCaig: MTO posted this pic…Canadian Motorists in Toronto are actually shoveling the snow on the 401 themselves!


It is ld white out there and I hear the sweet sound of the neighbor’s snow blower humming its happy tune making its way to my driveway.  Was pretty sure that my organic vegetable delivery would be delayed a day but they made it through the snow and it is now tucked neatly in the fridge to be cleaned and cooked tomorrow night.

I am just hoping that it clears by tomorrow around 8:30 am cause I will be schlepping my wares in the snow and catching buses to get there with my glass and cards.  Might have to edit so it will be a lighter load –  so tonight is sortin’ time.

The event is …

For The Love Of Winter

“For The Love Of Winter” will feature the works of 30 local artists!

  • Saturday Feb. 9th, 2013,
  • 11:00am until 4:00pm

Hoping to see some great art, make some new connections and share my love of art with others.

Stay warm and safe.


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