What a day

Got up this morning feeling rushed already at 5:30 am.  My dog Buddy is getting spring coif. My groomer comes to the house so I needed to get up, shower, clean up the table, move things around…Oh wait grand kids are coming over put the stuff back on the table.  Plan a craft.  Oh wait take a shower… OK take a breath regroup.

Take the shower…check


Shift things around for the groomer to set up…check

Plan the craft…we will do gelli prints …check

Ok the groomer is here…halfway through the appointment grand kids arrive 4 of them hungry…good parents brought McDonald’s phew.  Dog is getting anxious wants to see the kids so I tell the kids to be quiet …this works for 5 minutes.  Clean the table off, stack the dishes in the sink, start the gelli plate printing process and voila the dog is done comes upstairs and runs around like he is a puppy…he is not he is 13 years old almost blind and deaf with selective hearing.  Get the groomer out the door, look over there is chocolate milk everywhere, youngest says he pooped which he did not, middle girls are waiting impatiently to get to the printing, oldest is upstairs on the computer yelling grandma there something wrong … Crisis mode kicks into high gear.

I am the queen of multitasking check the boy nope no poop just chocolate milk, wipe him done while going upstairs to see whats up nothing major – fix it.  Yeah crisis averted gelli plate printing time.  Finish off with a little Dr. Seuss 4 books later parents here to pick up kids to go to Winterlude and I am done… Nap time…


yes colbie printed her name upside down and backwards

yes colbie printed her name upside down and backwards


before and after

all in all a good day.


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