Here we go again

I bought a new house one week after selling mine.  Move August 2nd so I will be in the new house for my birthday.

 Navy blue garage is mine.

Crazyness continues – I sold my house, bought a house and my brother-in-law who was listed for a double lung transplant received a set of lungs all in the same week.  What an emotional rollercoaster.  He is doing great no rejection so far, lung capacity up to 80% and permission to move back home at the end of August.  Doctors are calling him an odd duck because he is progressing so well in the past 5 weeks.  Where he is at now is usually 6 months down the road.

Now my life is full of packing and sorting with jaunts down memory lane.  Days are now full of decision piles of stuff to keep, donate, sell, or share with others.  Every once in a while I will take a break to make a card, have lunch with friends or go to a movie.  Today heading out to an aboriginal festival and maybe the Dragon boat races.  We shall see.

Some new cards

Onto the rest of the day.



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