Happy long weekend

It has been awhile again. I am trying desparately to get my books in order for the business.  Looking after grandkids when needed.  Planning my next kiln load for fusing, making cards, art journallng.


Finding venues to sell my beautiful glass pieces.  Any suggestions would be great please leave a comment or email me at grenier1928@rogers.com.

Hintonburg is having thier community Garage sale on June 4th. If anyone has treasures to sell bring a table and your stuff to my front yard. I am on a great corner and there is places for buyers to park while they look. It would be great to have company.

I took a Glass blowing class at Flo Glass Blowing on Gladstone Ave. where I learned the dance of the glass blower pick up glass, go to the marver, reheat glass,  pick up more, back to the marver pick up color, back to the furnace to heat up again, blow, back to the furnace, sit at the workstation, shape, blow, back to the furnace and so on… It was great and have made a commitment to going in June for the intermediate.

Good catching up -the sun is shining and my lawn needs to be cut – I better get on with it.  Have a great day.


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