Day 10 Challenge

Day 10 challenge is to get my e-book registered at the library so I can download books from the library website.  The books will be older but hey if they are books that I own then I can get rid of the paper books.  I see another challenge in the offing.

Day 9 update – I painted the Door frame and toy box with  two coats of white.  The toy box looked way too plain so I painted a black plaid pattern on the top with Tremclad (note to self never use Tremclad in the house in the winter – major headache).  Still have to add some splashes of other color to the toy box and might wait for the kids to help.  I will varnish after but it will have to wait until the spring lesson learned.  

Door frame painted

Plaid Toy Box

Yesterday I wanted to see what I could get done on $2.50 (one bus fare). When you get on now they give you a transfer that has nothing on it but time and it is usually an hour and a half from the time you get on.  I took the bus at around 3 pm and was back by at home by 4:45 and went to the main library branch, Prospero Books and did some groceries I was back on the bus by 4:20 so I did it.  Whew!


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