Taken out by low grade migraine weather related.

Still kind of there but manageable today. I have suffered from mild migraines for a long time. Migraines for me are more annoying than painful, the upset tummy, sleepiness, lethargic, and being in a fog. Life is fun. Let me know what you do if you w-suffer from migraines in the comments below?

Don’t sweat the small stuff words of wisdom:

Jan. 4 exercise can help you solve bothersome issue allows you to think clearer.

Jan 5 Don’t try to get everything done in a day work life balance suffers.

Jan 6 don’t be under the illusion that ticking things off the to do list will solve everything…priorities, other deadlines will just add and push things off the list making it unending. Be proud of what you did accomplish today.

Jan 7 similar to yesterdays but it is about the in basket if it is full it means success because you are in demand.

Well at the moment my in box is very full and more stuff comes in to make me juggle the small stuff around. I have come to the conclusion that I will never have a completed website, or Etsy store. But I can take pride in every order that comes from them. Packaging and mailing orders makes me feel like I have accomplished something.

Well it is a short one today as I have to leave to do groceries.

Take care


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Don’t sweat the small stuff

Last year was pretty much a write off for me I had to stop production to learn new ways of selling my art and items that I created. Went from several sales a day to one to three a month. Covid19 messed a lot of the sellers in the market area some lost their only means of making income, shops closed for extended periods of time and some closed permanently..

Remember when a few years back everywhere you looked there was something saying Don’t Sweat the Small stuff well I found the desk top calendar to motivate me to post almost everyday. Well the biggest problem is I forgot I had it so searched and found it and here we are…

January 1st to the 3rd can be summed up – We are not victims of the status quo. we can change. And we can work towards something a wish a dream when we plan, write it down in small goals that lead to the bigger dream or wish.

For example last month I only made 2 Etsy Shop stamp sales online I did sell 8 stamps offline which totals 10 sales. So this month I am aiming for 10 sales again. I have 1 already from yesterday… I have 62 sales on Etsy from last year and I would like to celebrate 72 by the end of the month. Small bites lead to bigger achievements. Interested

I think the hardest for me was no interaction face to face with people. Now the only interaction I have is on line or when my neighbor takes me grocery shopping or going to the dentist.

I guess it is important to access, adjust to our new reality when we need to. I have found out I like myself and what I do. I enjoy learning and putting knowledge into practice. Those are my take aways for the past year.

Well I better move on and get to creating new listings and I will be working on a challenge for January to create scapes can be any kind of scapes such as landscapes, escape, fantasy scapes etc. In any mediums you want. I will post as they are created and might make them into mugs, we will see.

My mind is a scary place…


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Goodbye 2020 hello 2021

Goodbye 2020 don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out…welcome 2021

Happy New Year

What kind of year was 2020 for you? If you had a bad year, good year, losses or gains or learned something about yourself or something new etc. Comment below and let me know…

For me because of the Corona virus we had to close our artist collective in the ByWard Market this meant having loads of inventory at home. I established a Shopify shop to sell my items. I also have an Etsy shop. Learning to link and create listings, the ins and outs of building a website has been a huge challenge for me but I am getting through. Also created a Combination Facebook page for both my shops IDBCA – Handmade by CA Grenier. this page is for a mixture of what I am working on and art that I find interesting by others. come and join me there comment and like because it helps me. Oh and feel free to buy anything that I make or design…lol

Looking forward to creating this year some keychains, ornaments will have holiday cards all year round as well as all occasion cards… Fused glass items pendants, bowls dishes will expand as I get more comfortable with listings.

Watch for discounts. if you want to be on an email mailing list let me know at carolannegrenier10@outlook.com

Life is too short to worry about what is next just do it do it do it…motto for 2021

On a more Personal note:

Family is in Virginia, USA have not seen them since August 2018 but I also made a point to visit through Facetime for Christmas to watch them open presents and have an individual chat with each of them. It was very good. My 4 grandkids are growing up so fast. oldest is in her first year of College, a job and has her drivers license. Second oldest is into Niles Horan, has Braces and is into her friends. Third is a a baker, loves to challenge herself, knits, draws and so on kind of like her Grandma. Last is the boy and he is into video games and transformers. So many milestones missed over the last two years but they have been Celebrated over the phone or online chats.

I learned to spend time with myself and liking it, enjoying the animals Zoey the Cat and Bear the dog. And Naps…

Well better go off to get my plans ready for the rest of the month…I am taking it one month at a time and not going further until we are out of our third lockdown in Ontario. Started on December 26th, 2020. So we will see.

CA Grenier

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Cancer sucks so stay back

Everybody has that friend or family member that has or had cancer.

My mother had cervical cancer and eventually passed from lung cancer. My mom was a miners wife and would get my dads clothes at the end of his shift and into the washer they would go. At that time people knew about health and safety for employees but never thought about the house wife who handled the dirty clothing. Well she beat the cervical cancer only to have asbestos in her lungs with no idea where she got it. I have a pretty good idea now.

Two of my sisters have been living with cancer one beat it the other struggles daily with the side effect of the drugs. Her immune system is shot which means she is more susceptible to other germs and viruses.

Another friend has brain cancer, has had the tumour removed. Before COVID she would be out in public wearing a mask because she was vulnerable to everything. She had a rude person ask why she was wearing a mask, then another and another. Now mostly everyone wears a mask which it makes it easier to go do daily outside errands when she is feeling up to it.

Neighbours sister was diagnosed with bone cancer 3 months ago after winning her battle with breast cancer. She now sits in the hospital in the battle of her life…and so on…

So in honour of all yours and my friends and family I created this mask to help explain what is happening to them you can also wear one as well in support…

Cancer sucks so stay back Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Cancer Sucks so stay back Face mask https://etsy.me/3555mTD

Please take the time to check it out. I design this mask from my heart and Printful my partner fulfills the orders. It is a win win for me. Please think about a gift for someone or for yourself. If you have a story that you would like to share about yourself, a friend or family member please feel free to post in the comments.

Stay safe


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Wow what a month

This past month things have started to get busier, Getting ready for the Holidays coming, in terms of planning and preparing items for sale. I have also dipped my toe into designing on Printful a print on demand group that at the moment are in the US but are planning to open a warehouse here in Canada. That makes me happy.

Here is what I have designed so far

I am waiting on a pen display tablet to continue my adventure in designing more clothing items. I want to try my hand at making stickers and some home decor items. Stay tuned on that development.

Short update but still working on basement studio. Now that it is getting cooler I will hopefully turn on the kiln and begin creating glass pieces again. So much to do so little time. The pandemic caused me to get into a massive funk, I turned 65, I really don’t feel it. The weather was hot and muggy, my dog got sick and my bank account depleted. Being on a fixed income can stifle or focus your artistic flow. As of today I will not be buying anything art wise until I sell something so check out the shop and order.

Take care got to get back at it.

Happy crafting


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So this happened this week

My week started with a trip to IKEA preordered and did the pick up thing. Everything went smoothly it took less time in the pick up than to drive there. Awesome. Picked up a Kallex Bookcase, two door inserts, and an Alex drawer unit. All in black or brown black. In my studio, I have a desk attached to the shelving and want to separate it so the Alex drawer unit will act as the legs on the other side of the desk. Most of my other furniture in my studio is white cabinets so I think it will look good. The Kallex will go upstairs for my office and act as storage and an order mailing center along with another one I have already.

Monday a migraine. Rain and a tornado warning, now seems to be a common occurrence in the Ottawa area since 2018.

Tuesday started to rearrange the office to accommodate the Kallex unit but got sidetracked and rearranged my kitchen cabinet instead…Welcome to my world.

pantry organized

Wednesday, I was working on an order for a card and was cutting out large circles with my Big Shot die cutting machine, it got stuck mid crank and I forced it through but the handle broke the pin right off rendering it useless…so had to go onto amazon and buy a brand new one. When I bought my original one it was under $90.00 today it costs $157. It lasted over 12 years and I use it many times a day so it has served me well. I was lucky i did have a Circle cut out previously and was able to make the card order.

Big Shot

Thursday the new Big Shot was delivered happy crafter again. Also low grade migraine and all morning thought it was Friday. Neighbor was off so we did a few did groceries but stopped off at a big box store. I ended up buying some curtains for my patio door and living room window. I have black out curtains and it is so dark that I wanted to brighten it up a little. However I thought I bought two sets but it was one panel each…oops the other window downstairs will have to wait but it still looks great.

new curtains need to hang for awhile to get rid of wrinkles

Today is Friday and I have a full blown Migraine again Mother Nature is playing havoc with the weather rain /sunny /rain sunny on Wednesday it was raining and sunny. I have three orders to send out and two returns to Amazon. Will have to wait til tomorrow I guess.

Well hopefully you have a good day, week and month. Wow. I can not believe it is the 21st of August and we are talking about putting kids back in the classroom. I am sorry if shop owners can limit the amount of adults in the store and put directional tape on floors so shopping is done in an orderly fashion why can’t teachers? My question is how do you expect a teacher to house up to thirty kids in a classrooms and police social distancing, mask wearing and touching. When do they disinfect before class, after class, after recess, when a kid goes to the bathroom oh and who disinfects the bathrooms and how many times a day… who is wagering on third wave of covid 19 anyone … anyone?

By the way Bear the dog is doing much better the enlarged liver seems to be slowly subsiding but will know more in a couple of weeks. He needs a grooming but have not wanted to upset him too much while he is doing so well.

Well better get on with it try to go back to sleep and ease the pain, tummy upset and need to take some Gravol to settle it and make me sleepy enough to fall asleep.


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Summer heat and really beat…

This summer has been such an interesting summer dealing with COVID and wearing masks, hand sanitizing and practicing social distancing. More heat warnings, tornado warnings, flood warnings…no idea what else to expect…

As it has been so hot my hair was suffering and dry and long from days in isolation I was watching an ad for Function of Beauty hair care and actually ordered my first selection of shampoo and conditioner. Based on my survey responses the formula that I received is (you)calyptus for dry, sensitive skin and course hair.

Function of Beauty’s 100% customizable hair care products. I’m obsessed with my set and I know you’d love it. The products actually work because the formulation is based on your unique hair goals and needs! Here’s a link from me to you for 25% off your first purchase! https://5ee657a322cb8.functionofbeauty.com .

The have something for everyone. Their signature fragrances are:

  1. nude (p)each: Top Notes: Peach nectar, mandarin, lemon zest, jasmine.
    Reminds us of: Cutting up fresh, juicy peaches on a hot summer day.
  2. (pear)fection: Top Notes: Pear, apple, sweet musk, subtle florals.
    Reminds us of: Biting into a juicy pear on a crisp fall day.
  3. strike a (r)ose: Top Notes: Rose, black currant, sandalwood, orange blossom.
    Reminds us of: A cool, modern rose fragrance with a bit of edge.
  4. all (you)calyptus: Top Notes: Eucalyptus, mint, lavender, rosemary.
    Reminds us of: An exhilarating hike through the misty mountain tops.
  5. fragrance free: A great option for those with sensitivities.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Bottle image

Love the smell and feel of this new shampoo. The bottles also look good and are personalized to you. If there are two people or more in the household personalized bottles helps to ensure using the right one.

What else is going on still working on the Website, Poshmark and Etsy store…takes a lot of concentration and focus some days more than others. Have had two sales in the last few days so things are picking up.

I have also been in the middle of organizing the kitchen. I have accumulated too much stuff. I have doubles of things because I can not find the item so I buy one and then discover I do have it… so a donation box is beside me as I organize. Will show results later.

Well that is it for me today remember use my link if you are purchasing things on Amazon it does help me out. https://amzn.to/2DThzPU also joining my blog you will receive new blogs when they come out.

Have a great day


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Another Month in lock down and I have been busy

July has been a month of trying to sort through the mounds of items that need to be posted on the various online shops because we financially had to close down the shop in the ByWard Market. No tourists or visitors, no bus tours, means no sales. So we closed.

It has been challenging…I have cards, jewelry, hats, pins and magnets, ornaments, glass pieces and much much more. Oh and I decided to create a coffee mug with Printful.com to see if that association works.


Without the Shop in the Market I am loosing out on many sales. Lots of local shops are in the same boat so you can help by shopping online locally.

Still working on the stores connected on this blog. Check them out.

We have had an extremely hot summer so far. We have had heat warnings most of July which does not make things very comfortable. Today it is supposed to be over 40C and rain ugh. This is not good for the animals and those who do not have air conditioning, good thing I have.

Books to Read need a book to read click here every order helps me out as well. Right now I am reading

Thanks in advance.

Well better get at it have to keep photographing, listing and building the website. Have a safe and wonderful week.


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I am a planner person

I like to plan but have a hard time keeping up or other things get in the way. I found a digital planner I love. It is called the Boss Planner. Comes in white or black backgrounds. You can customize it. Hand write or type, add photos, use highlighters, stickers, geometric boxes, circles etc. So many options to create your own unique structured plan.

I use my Boss digital Planner as a general ledger of what I have to do. Then at night I put in what I accomplished and goals for the next day and I can move things around if I did not get an item completed. I keep all my appointments , zoom meetings and shop mailings and deliveries in the planner. It has a budget tracker, reading, plan for success etc. I also included in my purchase the fitness planner which includes goals, habit tracker, water intake, meal planning and grocery list etc.

Where to get it https://bosspersonalplanner.com/

Well part of my plan today is to set up my new echo dot with clock. My alarm clock is so old that it does not play music it plays static all the time. Most importantly, it takes forever to reset the clock on it when time changes or power goes out even for a second. Time for a change…

I love my Echo dots I have 4 now (3 regular black echo dots and the new echo with clock)

Echo Dot (3rd gen) – Smart…CDN$ 54.99 Shop now

I will move the regular echo dot into my office where I can now listen to audio books or music on demand. I have an old clunker of a stereo system but it just takes up so much space. As I am trying to streamline my online work I do need to hang out in my office more.

I also need to package a couple of orders received on Etsy this week. Canada Post service is so slow these days buyers are complaining that their orders are coming so late. Problem is I send out my orders and it is totally out of my hands. Reviews are getting trashed on Etsy sites that is discouraging to some Etsy Sellers. Please check out my shop online. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HandmadebyCAGrenier

Ok now to get on with my day coffee done, plan done now it is action time. Have a great day/week/weekend. Catch ya later


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Not as Bored these days

Ok so Ontario is opening up little by little. As of Friday last week hairdressers and other service people have been able to open. However those that have ventured out are noticing that people are not behaving. They are not wearing masks, adhering to social distancing or the ten people rules. They say the highest contractors of the Covid19 virus are young people teens to 25 you know that period where we feel invincible…

Neighbor works for a long term care home and they have had a couple of staff test positive but they did not work with residents. They did have to implement lockdown but are now out of it.

Enough on that I turn 65 this year and have to get myself in that mode of thinking I still feel 50ish in my mind although my body reminds me regularly I am not. I have been retired and creating art, cards and other items. I have supplemented my income through selling in the Artisans Shop in the ByWard Market for the past 4 years however it is closed and will not reopen so my online shops is the only place to find me now. Small business and local business are suffering…so please support us.

My Doctor is offering on phone appointments but I am good as long as my meds are up to date or refillable. My sister in all of this had to have a stent put into her artery going to the heart to encourage better blood flow. She went in for some tests doctor told her she needed the stent right away that it could not wait and took her in immediately. It will be another week before we see if it really helped.

I have become obsessed with Evermerge not a very difficult game but never the less obsessed. Any other Evermergers out there?

I have not even been able to work in the backyard the pollen from the popular trees in neighbors yard piles up and flies everywhere. The effects are not immediate but once inside I start to sneeze, watery eyes and runny nose lasts about half an hour. I am on a daily allergy pill or it would be much worse.

What is that white fluff, anyway? – Toronto Gardens
Picture from Toronto gardens

I lost my honeysuckle disappointed for sure so I planted morning glories to cover my balcony trellises that I created to give me some privacy from immediate neighbors.

Well I better get on with my day Check out the online shops.

Keep on Keeping on…


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